Thrift store Asheville

“Omg. That rug.” 

“What do you think about this antique sewing machine table for a desk?”

“Wait – what? Those spoons are only a nickel?”

“We could just buy stuff from Asheville then resell in New York at double the price.” 

“My feet hurt. We’ve been here for hours!”

These are just a few of the things we found ourselves saying when visiting Asheville’s plethora of vintage, antique, and thrift stores.

If you can’t tell, we are impressed. And not just by the prices, but by the sheer amount of stuff you can find in Asheville — cool stuff, beautiful stuff, necessary stuff! 

In this post, we’re sharing with you our curated list of thrift and vintage stores in Asheville. Whether you’re looking to redecorate on a budget or you’ve just moved to town and are faced with a bare apartment like we were (and still sort of are!) we hope you find this list useful. 

Why We Love Buying Used Stuff

For context, we’ve always made a point to buy used stuff where we can. 

In Brooklyn, a good chunk of our apartment was, as Tony likes to say, “post-consumer foraged” from the good ‘ole New York City streets. We would find things that people left out on the curb come move-out day: old chairs; wrought iron metal bookshelf frames, a wooden ladder that was certainly not safe to stand on but functioned perfectly as a decorative bookshelf; and solid good slabs of wood that we re-purposed as end tables and wall shelves. 

You know what they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And well, when you don’t have much money to spend on decorating your apartment, you find ways to make do. 

When we moved to Asheville, we spent hundreds of dollars just getting our stuff down here – and what’s funny is that we didn’t even have that much stuff! What filled our tiny Brooklyn studio to the brim, barely took up any space in our new spacious one-bedroom in Asheville. We didn’t have a couch, desks, or even a kitchen table. So off to thrift hunting we went ― and oh the treasures we did find

But it’s also more than that: while we can’t always find what we’re looking for in the “used” section, we fundamentally believe that there is plenty of good stuff on this earth that can be re-purposed and recycled. We try to live as sustainably as we can!

Our Top 7 Thrift, Vintage, and Antique Shops in Asheville

So which places are our favs so far? Here’s a run-down of our top 7 second-hand-type shops, what we love about them, and tips for visiting.

Regeneration Station Asheville NC


This place is an Asheville institution, so it’s no wonder it sits at the top of our list. Part vintage-antique, part thrift shop, the RS houses an abundance of treasures that sit at the Goldilocks (not too high, not too low) price point for most of us. It’s not quite as cheap and thrifty as say a Goodwill, but it’s not your high-end antique shop either. 

Each booth is carefully curated, offering a unique set of rare finds. From all the necessary furniture like couches and kitchen tables to the more frivolous, but “oh-my-god-I-must-have-it” finds, the RS has it all. 

And to top it all off, they serve free beer until 7 p.m. on select Sundays. What can we say? It seems like they know their audience well. 

Our find(s): A chic mirrored end table with paw legs for the price of a Jackson ($20). 

What we’re eyeing: A rusty metallic mid-century floor lamp.

Tip for visiting: While anything priced under $100 is a firm price, you can make “make an offer” to a dealer if your total from their booth is over $100.

Go there if: You’re on a budget and you enjoy hunting for quality stuff that may have a few dents and scratches.

For hours and location, visit their website.

Screen Door Asheville


In terms of its curation and price, the Screen Door sits up a level from Regeneration Station. 

It has higher density of elevated finds, staged in such a way that sometimes you forget you’re in a second-hand store. In fact, a lot of the vendors do a lot of work to restore, rebuild, and reimagine the old into something new and shiny. 

Our find(s): We have yet to buy anything from here but frequent it often.

What we’re eyeing: Metallic mirrors and their Persian rug selection.

Our tip: Pair this visit with a stop at #5 on the list. They are a stone’s throw away from each other.

Go there if: You’re looking for something a bit more eclectic with finesse.

For hours and location, visit their website.


What it lacks in clear organization it makes up for in sheer abundance. The Tobacco Barn is so massive that it feels like you’re being sucked into an endless black hole of beautiful antiques. Set aside a full afternoon (or maybe a couple) for this place because you’ll need it! 

Prices vary but are generally pretty fair. When we were there, we happened upon a booth we liked when the seller was there. He ended up bargaining with us so we walked away with a (much) lower price than marked.  

Our Find(s): A flat weave bohemian rug, a wooden chest, and a decorative globe

What we’re eyeing: The old tools section on the far left and the push carts outside

Our tip: Wear comfy shoes and bring water — if you’re like us, you’ll be there for a while because it’s huge

Go there if: You have a lot of time to kill and are in need of large home pieces or outdoor furniture

For hours and location, visit their website.

Lexington Park Antiques


Warning: You might inhale a bucket of dust when you go in here (as some of the antiques are, well dusty), but it’s well worth it. 

Located right in the heart of Downtown on Walnut street, Lexington Park Antiques has mostly grandmotherly furniture and kitchen items but also sells a small selection of vintage and second-hand clothes, shoes, and other textiles. 

You’ll have to dig but there are many treasures here. 

Our Find(s): An old-timey boy scout style pocket knife and a gently used pair of leather sandals.

What we’re eyeing: Old kitchen wares and barn wood products

Our tip: Stop into Lexington Park Antiques every time you walk past the corner of Lexington and Walnut. You just might get lucky…

Go there if: You have a soft spot for nostalgia or are into collecting. There’s an abundance of bowls, glasses, and cups (think Looney Tunes coffee mugs and old Coca Cola Bottles).

For hours and location, visit their website.

Leather couch asheville

5. ESTATE SALE SERVICES (Formerly known as Hospice Treasures)

The selection is the smallest on the list but the inventory turns over fast and as it’s all priced to sell — even for the most frugal of shoppers. 

They sell furniture, home goods, clothing, jewelry, appliances, art, and even craft supplies like yarn, paper, ribbon, and gift wrapping paper.

We actually overheard one of the volunteers say that they slowly release items to the floor as they sell things and have more space. In other words: they have a stockpile of treasures in the back just waiting to be released! So while one day you might not find anything, the next just might be your lucky day. 

Our find(s): We found a beautiful tan leather couch here —for just $100— plus cutlery for five cents a pop! 

What we’re eyeing: Hard to say… it’s different almost all the time. We are hoping to attend one of their actual Estate Sale events.

Our tip: Grab one of their bags the first time you stop in and leave it in the car. Bring it next time you shop and save a couple of sheckles. 

Go there if: You want to feel good while scoring affordable home goods, proceeds from the sale support those in hospice. 

For hours and location, visit their Facebook page.

picture frame from goodwill asheville


How can we forget our nation’s favorite thrift store chain? Naturally, the selection is curated only up to the point that it tries to cram all the “small household objects” into a few shelves, separate from the “big furniture and electronics.” While you have to dig and it can be hit-or-miss, Goodwill is where we have found some of our best bargains!

Our find(s): Cute antique sewing machine desk for just $15, two charming chairs for $5 a piece, solid white T-shirts for $3, and a green picture frame for $3

What we’re eyeing: The book section. Hardcovers are all $3 and soft covers are even less.

Our tip: Use Goodwill to round out a wardrobe but don’t hold your breath on hitting a jackpot in furniture or electronics.

Go there if: You love digging through absolute chaos to find your diamond in the rough.

There are several Goodwill stores throughout Asheville. You could make an entire day out of visiting them all!


Boho chic rugs, plush velvety cheers, and flowery vintage kitchenware. Need we say more?

These three ladies curate a beautiful selection of truly unique items. They have an outpost in Marshall at The Golden Hour Collective.

Our Find(s): We’ve yet to pull the trigger on any of their products… yet!

What we’re eyeing:  All. The. Rugs.

Our tip: If you don’t feel like making the trek to Marshall, we suggest following them on Instagram @losthuntvintage to see what’s in stock. 

Go there if: You’re looking for that statement piece and want to be inspired by a beautiful multi-purpose art studio and retail space.

And that’s our list. Have a favorite spot we missed? Send us a message and we’ll check it out!