Want to leave a short voice memo?

We’d like to offer our podcast as a way to help share your story.

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Click the image for the voice memo pdf

If you’d like to share the work of a non-profit or non-commercial project in Asheville, we’d like to help. The criteria for sending in a voice memo are:

— You work for or run a Non-profit, or

— You participate in a non-commercial group (i.e. a knitting group or a book club) or,

— You have praise to send to a non-profit or non-commercial group in Asheville.

We can’t promise that every voice memo will make the air but we want to thank you for your interest in leaving a voice memo for the Making It In Asheville Podcast. To see simple steps for recording a voice memo on your phone and sending it to us at Making It In Asheville, click here: How to Leave a Voice Memo.pdf