Simplify, Reframe, and 10X Your Business for 2024


  • This season, we’re requesting your participation! We want to hear from you. We’ve created a short survey and even a “Hotline!”
  • We received a question in one of the surveys about how to set Q4 business goals.
  • Tony had recently just presented on the topic, so we’re using that audio for this podcast episode. You’ll see the slides on the YouTube video.

Episode Overview

  • In this episode, we focus on simplifying complex ideas and creating meaningful changes in business growth.
  • Three key points highlighted:
    1. Achieving a meaningful change in Q4 growth trajectory.
    2. Exploring possibilities for business transformation in 2024.
    3. Reframing core aspects of the business, primarily sales, and marketing.

Segment 1: Setting Expectations and Acknowledgments

  • Tony mentions the expected duration of the talk.
  • Acknowledges the audience and the value of the Scout Guide community.

Segment 2: Making the Complicated Simple with an Action System

  • Bob and Erin’s story illustrates the difference between inaction and action.
  • Key concepts:
    • Starting small and building habits.
    • Focusing on action to find motivation.
    • Simplifying complex projects into smaller steps.
    • Transitioning expectations into agreements for clarity.
  • Emphasis on compliance for consistent progress.

Segment 3: Moving from Good to Great by Delivering Unreasonable Value

  • Bob and Erin’s different approaches to delivering value.
  • Value components:
    • Good: Delivering the dream outcome.
    • Fast: Efficient delivery.
    • Cheap: Delivering more value than competitors.
    • Easy: Simplifying the customer’s experience.
    • High odds of success.
  • The value equation: Good + (Good x Odds of Success) / (Fast + Effort).

Segment 4: 10Xing Life and Business

  • Bob and Eromn’s contrasting approaches to growth.
  • Key considerations:
    • Focusing on “who” you need to be, not “how” to do it.
    • Operating within your zone of genius.
    • Building an identity that magnetizes you to your goals.
    • Creating a system for inevitable success.
  • Mention of Tony’s mastermind group to apply these principles. Encouragement for the audience to create similar groups for support.


  • 10X Your Business for 2024 is a matter of WHO you need to be, a focus on creating unreasonable value, and building an action system with high compliance.
  • If you’d like any resources from this episode, just reach out.