Show Notes: Season 11 Episode 1 – “A New Interactive Chapter: Welcome to Season 11 of Making It In Asheville”

Episode Overview:

Join your host Tony Ubertaccio in the season premiere of Making It In Asheville, where we take a different but exciting turn in our programming style. In this season, we are inviting YOU, our cherished listeners, to actively participate, share your thoughts, and engage with us in unraveling the entrepreneurial tapestry of Asheville.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The origin story of the Making It In Asheville podcast, initiated in 2019 as Tony and his wife Sarah embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in the city.
  • How the podcast has evolved from telling their story to highlighting the experiences and triumphs of small business founders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders in Asheville.
  • An introduction to the interactive approach of Season 11, where listeners will play a pivotal role in shaping the content and discussions of the podcast.

Season 11’s Unique Approach:

  • Audience Participation: Your thoughts, questions, and expertise are invaluable. We encourage you to engage with us, propose questions, and share your insights about entrepreneurship in Asheville. Be a part of the conversation!
  • Hotline Feature: Introducing our new hotline at (828) 552-4832! Call in to share your responses, ask questions, or simply leave a voicemail to be featured on the podcast.

How to Participate:

  1. Website Engagement: You’re already on the website, so thank you for that! If you’d like to participate this season, visit There, you will find prompts and questions designed to gather your views and inquiries.
  2. Hotline Interaction: For a more personal touch, dial our hotline at (828) 552-4832. Leave your responses to our prompts, or feel free to share anything that you believe would add value to our community of listeners.

More in This Episode:

  • A peek into the Making It In Asheville production process, highlighting the contribution of various team members and partners in delivering high-quality content both in audio and video.
  • This season of the podcast is sponsored by Making It Creative, the marketing and media business founded by the hosts of the podcast. Making It Creative aims to be your first call when you’re trying to level-up your business.

Next Steps:

  • Start engaging now! Head to to kickstart your interactive experience with us this season.
  • Dial into our hotline at (828) 552-4832 for direct engagement and to have your voice featured on Making It In Asheville.

Thanks for being an essential part of our community and the Making It In Asheville journey! Engage with us and let’s make Season 11 the most interactive and insightful one yet!



Hello and welcome to the Making it in Asheville podcast. I am your host Tony Ubertaccio. On the Making it in Asheville podcast, typically we sit down with Asheville based entrepreneurs, small business owners, community members, ask them what they’re making and how they are making it in Asheville. In this season, however, we’re going to be leaning into a slightly different, um, Like programming type and style, and we’re very excited about it.

And so the concept for this season is that we’re asking for your participation. I want to know what you think, what questions you have, and we’re going to dive into that this season. So a lot of, um. Being in conversation with our audience and I’m excited for it. So, uh, a bunch of new concepts and a bunch of new, uh, content coming down the pike.

I want to, um, first kind of set the stage if you, this is your perhaps first time listening to the making it in Nashville podcast. Uh, the podcast was founded in 2019. Uh, my wife, Sarah and I moved to Asheville. We were, um, told in the many trips we took before moving here. That when, uh, you move to Asheville, you have to bring a job with you.

Later we heard you have to bring your own ladder with you. So if you want a career that scales, you pretty much have to… create that career and that future for yourself. And so, um, as we prepare to land in Asheville and, um, figure it out, we thought let’s start a podcast. Uh, our plan to figure it out was going to be, we’re going to open a marketing business.

That marketing business is called making it creative. Uh, this podcast is You know, since 2019 been pretty much exclusively self funded, um, as a passion project, but also, um, as a integral part of making making it creative, possible, profitable, successful. Um, and so it turns out it was the smartest idea I might’ve ever floated towards my wife.

Uh, let’s start a podcast. Let’s attempt to tell our story of making it in Asheville. that quickly became, uh, let’s tell the stories of people who are making it in Asheville. And so, uh, about, what’s that? 2019 to today, four years, 130 ish episodes, about a hundred interviews later, um, we are, you know, We have helped unpack some of the many ways that folks have made it and are making it in Asheville.

We’re telling the stories of, uh, small business founders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders here in Asheville. And it has been an incredible gift to get to highlight so many folks in this community. And so that’s kind of setting the stage for this season. And one of the things that we’re targeting with this season is rather than, uh, just sit down, spend an hour with someone.

We’re hoping to, uh, turn the camera, so to speak, turn the mic, so to speak, back to you, the listener. And so, um, if you’re listening on a podcast. Player. Thank you for listening on a podcast player. If you’re watching on YouTube, that’s very exciting. We are leaning into our video content, so check out making it in Asheville on YouTube if you haven’t yet.

Um, but this season’s audience participation. And so how are we going to ask you to participate? What does participation look like? Those are two good questions. Thank you for asking. Uh, the way that we’re currently setting up for, uh, requesting and soliciting, uh, your participation is going to be a, and first and foremost through the website.

So making it in ashville. com is the home base for all things, this podcast, uh, this particular season is going to be found at making it in ashville. com slash. Season 11. We’re also going to try and put that on the homepage so you can see it if you just and up on the homepage, but season 11 is going to be, uh, your first stop for the questions that we want to ask you for the, uh, context that we want to provide for this participation and engagement, hopefully driving a season.

And uh, that’s where I’m going to send you right now. So making it a nashville. com forward slash season 11 should be visible on the screen somewhere here. Uh, and. Uh, available in the podcast description slash show notes, uh, on whatever podcast player you’re listening on, um, on that page, we’re going to ask questions.

So like, what questions do you have? We’ve now done a hundred or so interviews with Asheville business owners. What questions do you have maybe about? You know, that could be summarized all of these conversations that we’ve had. What questions do you have about what resources have shown up the most? Like, we’re interested in knowing what it is that you, the listener, actually cares about.

And so we’re gonna ask you questions to find out what you have questions about, um, and do our best to answer those questions in this season. Then we’re gonna ask You questions to find out what you know that we don’t know. So like, we’re going to ask you for your expertise, ask you for your insights and you for, um, you know, the truth, the perspective that you have that we might not have yet and have not had exposure to.

So we’re going to ask you questions in that way as well. Uh, those questions and more will be found on makingitinashville. com forward slash season11. Okay? Uh, and so one of the cool things that we’re also rolling out this season, uh, I, I suspect it’s at the very least should be interesting, uh, and at best will be awesome.

Awesome is a hotline. So we, we want to hear from you. And so we’ve created a hotline so that you can call in and tell us, uh, perhaps your answers to these questions audibly, and then we can use that audio on the podcast. You get to be on the podcast if you choose to use this hotline. Um, and so the hotline number,

828 552 4832 that’s 828 552 4832 will be available on the website, will be available in the show notes for this episode, but, uh, you call into the hotline, uh, Situationally, we’re going to update the voicemail to perhaps have new prompts that, uh, propose a new question that you would then answer on the hotline and leave a voicemail.

It’s effectively a voicemail box. I don’t want it to sound super sophisticated tech wise, uh, but we’re going to have a voicemail box. That voicemail box is going to, uh, house your answers. We’re going to then, um, take some of the answers and either use them for context for the podcast or use them in the podcast to, uh, Be a prompt for a question that we then answer.

So very excited about this new addition to the making it an Asheville production engine. Um, speaking of which, uh, the making an actual production engine has been humming. If you were, Uh, following along, last season we had an incredible season hosted, uh, physically at Earnest ReadyMade, uh, produced by John Dupree, producer John, hidden, uh, behind this camera.

Uh, production quality. Hopefully this sounds incredible. I know that it looks great on YouTube. Uh, we will be continuing down this road. If there are any questions on how to produce video content, audio content, podcasts, uh, this podcast. Uh, specifically this season is, uh, being funded and sponsored by making it creative, which is our marketing business, which is our media business.

Um, and so we are at your service and here to help and answer any questions you might have about things that look and feel like what, uh, you’re listening to or watching right now. And so, uh, In summary, season 11 is going to be a slight departure from our normal podcast structure. Um, we will be interviewing you and letting you interview us.

What questions do you have? We have questions for you. Those questions are going to be found making it in ashville. com forward slash season 11. And then you can find information on our hotline at making it in Or you can call us directly at (828) 552-4832. There is not currently a question on that prompt, but by the time you listen to this, there might be a question to, uh, for you to answer that is specific.

Otherwise, just leave any kind of voicemail that works for you. Look forward to hearing from you, excited about this season, and until next episode, we’ll see you around.