In this episode, we dive into the expansive list of resources available for entrepreneurs in Asheville. From networking communities to funding options, there’s a diverse range of support to help startups and small businesses launch, grow, and thrive in this city.


  • Asheville Chamber/Venture Asheville: A network that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and potential investors to catalyze growth in the Asheville startup ecosystem.
  • MadeXMTNS: A collective aiming to bolster the local manufacturing sector, providing a platform for connections and collaboration.
  • Outdoor Business Alliance: An alliance fostering connections among outdoor industry entrepreneurs, promoting sustainable business practices.
  • Young Professionals of Asheville: A community for young professionals to network, learn, and grow their careers in Asheville (connected to the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.
  • AIGA: The professional association for design, offering networking and educational opportunities for designers at all levels.
  • Making It In Asheville: A podcast and platform sharing stories and lessons from Asheville’s entrepreneurs, artists, and community builders.
  • MIIA Masterminds: A segment of Making It In Asheville, providing a space for focused discussions among local entrepreneurs.
  • MIIA Salons: Networking events organized by Making It In Asheville, fostering dialogue and connections among Asheville’s creative community.
  • An online platform hosting various local groups and networking events catering to a range of interests and professional domains.



  • A. Debt
    • Eagle Market Streets: Community Equity Fund: Aims to foster economic equality by investing in under-resourced businesses and communities.
    • Mountain BizWorks: Offers flexible loans and technical assistance to underserved entrepreneurs.
    • Partner Community Capital: Provides flexible loans and strategic advisory to empower underserved businesses.
    • PCAP: Building Equity Fund: Provides low-interest loans with a 10% loan-to-equity conversion rate to bridge the equity gap for entrepreneurs of color.
    • Self-Help Credit Union: Offers flexible lending solutions to unconventional businesses and nonprofits.
    • xElle Ventures: Supports U.S.-based, female-led startups through loans and mentorship, focusing on innovative financing and marketing support.
  • B. Equity
    • VentureSouth: An angel investment network supporting early-stage, high-growth companies in the Southeast.
    • Carolina Angel Network: Connects innovative startups with accredited investors, specializing in Non-Life Sciences, Medical Devices, and Biotech sectors.
    • Asheville AngelsAsheville Angels is a member-based angel investor network. We invest in and support startups and early-stage, high-growth companies in Asheville and across the Southeast.
    • Impact WNC Fund: Impact WNC Fund will promote and foster economic prosperity in Western North Carolina (WNC) by providing WNC-based entrepreneurs and small business owners with the capital and support they need to succeed.
  • C. Grants


  • Center for Craft Coworking: A shared workspace for craft professionals with access to tools, resources, and networking opportunities.
  • Focal Point Coworking: Offers a modern co-working space with flexible membership options for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.
  • Mojo Coworking: Provides affordable and flexible workspaces, catering to remote workers and freelancers.
  • Hatch Coworking: A space fostering community, collaboration, and growth for local entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Asheville Makers Space: Supports creatives with resources and community to turn their passion into a successful business.
  • The Collider: A hub for climate entrepreneurs, offering workspace and networking opportunities to drive climate solutions.
  • Ernest Co-warehousing and Co-working: Provides a hybrid warehousing and co-working solution, meeting diverse business needs.


Support Services

  • NC Free Legal Answers: An online platform offering free legal advice in over 20 civil legal categories by connecting individuals with volunteer lawyers.
  • Startup NC Law Clinic: Provides free legal guidance on business-related issues, helping entrepreneurs navigate legal complexities and build a solid legal foundation for their ventures.

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