Earlier this week, we had the chance to sit down (again) and catch up with Honey from DIFFERENT WRLD. If you’re living in Asheville, you’ve most likely heard of this creative hub, which will be housed in the former space “The Mothlight,” a staple in West Asheville from 2013 until they closed their doors this past year.

Watch the full conversation here.

As a leader in the community, Honey has created this space with strong intention and purpose.

“We believe everyone should be able to create and have access to the resources that they need.”

Their team is black-led and queer- and femme-owned, whose representation is important and necessary.

Since the moment Honey announced the introduction of the space over the summer, Ashevillians and community members have been buzzing around this incredible idea that is coming to fruition before our eyes. DIFFERENT WRLD will offer community and accessibility to creatives and members of Asheville to pursue their talents and passions with the resources that aren’t readily available for many.

Taken from their website, DIFFERENT WRLD explains: “We want you to feel safe, we want you to feel heard, we want you to feel empowered and equipped to take on any project you can dream up. Our intention is to hold space for people to connect with each other and the Asheville community. We all know what it feels like to be underserved and unwelcome. We know Asheville has more to offer our art community and creatives of all types. ”

To make this vision a long-lasting reality, we ask that you donate to help make this space accessible to the people that deserve it. While there are many ways you can support this project, monetary investments, no matter how small, will allow DIFFERENT WRLD to thrive.

How You Can Support DIFFERENT WRLD

They’ve created an easy to use send coin page to allow for a one-time donation or to become a supporting partner and dedicate an amount each and every month.

We are all anxiously waiting on our toes to see the launch of DIFFERENT WRLD. Until then, here are some things you can expect:

  1. A Creative Hub
  2. Music + Art + Installations
  3. Education + Growth
  4. Retail + Mobile Truck
  5. Food from Silver + NENG JR’S – To learn about Silver’s restaurant, Asheville’s first Filipinx restaurant, click here.

All in all, we are inspired by Honey and her team and want to support their extremely valuable endeavor. We are striving to become better people, better community members, and share the stories of people Making it in Asheville. This includes giving space and resources to people that don’t have the same privileges or accessibility as others. As Asheville continues to evolve, it’s important to have more representation and support the people who make Asheville the place so many of us call home.

Learn more about DIFFERENT WRLD by checking out their website differentwrld.com and listen to their podcast, THE UNDERCURRENT

Thank you again for your time Honey. It’s people like you that make Asheville so special.

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