Season 11: We want to Hear from YOU

Welcome to Season 11 of Making It In Asheville! 🌟

Hello, Asheville enthusiast, business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur! We’re back with Season 11 of Making It In Asheville, and this time, it’s all about YOU.

🚀 A Brief History:

Back in 2019, when Sarah and I (Tony Ubertaccio) planted our roots in the vibrant city of Asheville, we were eager to explore, learn, and contribute to the entrepreneurial energy bubbling here. With a piece of advice echoing in our ears – “If you move to Asheville, bring a job (or ladder) with you” – we decided to carve our path, starting with a podcast and a dream.

The podcast, born out of a passion project, soon became a crucial part of our media and marketing business, Making It Creative. Over the years and 130 episodes later, it transformed into a platform sharing the inspiring stories of Asheville’s small business founders, community leaders, and vibrant entrepreneurs.

🎙 This Season is Different:

Season 11 takes a delightful turn! Instead of our traditional interview style, we are handing the mic over to you. Yes, you heard it right! We want to hear your thoughts, answer your questions, and share your expertise. We what to hear YOUR voice.

  • Your Questions Matter: Have questions after listening to our catalog interviews with Asheville business owners? Curious about the resources that keep popping up in our discussions? Shoot your questions our way!
  • Share Your Wisdom: Every listener has a unique perspective and valuable insights. Share your wisdom and experiences with us, contributing to the community’s collective knowledge.

📞 Introducing: The Hotline!

Exciting news! We’ve launched a hotline for our listeners. Call (828) 552-4832 to leave your answers to our questions or respond to prompts. Your voice could be featured in upcoming episodes, contributing to the dynamic conversation on entrepreneurship in Asheville.

🔗 How to Participate:

  1. Engage Online: Check out the survey we have on this page with questions designed for your engagement.
  2. Hotline Interaction: Dial (828) 552-4832 and leave a voicemail. Whether it’s answers to our prompts or something valuable you want to share, we are all ears! (keep it positive, please)

🎉 Join Us in This Exciting Journey!

Season 11 is a celebration of Asheville’s entrepreneurial spirit, and we can’t do it without you. Engage with us, share your thoughts, and let’s continue making it in Asheville, together!

Looking forward to your participation,
Tony Ubertaccio Host, Making It In Asheville

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