In this episode, we interview Nick Moen, the founder of The Bright Angle, a technology-driven porcelain design studio.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why being relentless in outreach efforts is so important
  • The Bright Angle’s exciting new partnership with YLighting
  • How in the 1700s Porcelain was such a hot commodity that  Europe sent ships to China full of gold in exchange
  • How hosting local events with chefs and musicians helped Nick’s visibility in the restaurant scene
  • The challenges in the life of a potter: then vs now

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Show Notes

About Nick Moen

Nick Moen is a designer and studio artist with a focus on ceramics.  In 2016, Nick started The Bright Angle, a porcelain design studio in Asheville, NC.  The formation of The Bright Angle was a response to his passion for working in a collaborative environment with highly skilled craftspeople to produce well-designed handmade things to share and cherish.  Nick’s focus is on bridging the gap between design and craft by using technology to create home decor and lighting. Now, after landing a position as a partner for YLighting, with an exclusive ceramic brand contract, The Bright Angle’s team of four is taking functional porcelain creation to the next level.

To learn more about The Bright Angle, check out the links below:







  • Josh Copus a fellow potter and artist, co-owner of Carolina Flowers, and husband to Emily Copus, who we interviewed last season.
  • Warren MacKenzie is known as “the godfather” of the studio potter movement, after having a conversation in Minnesota at his place, Nick realized this is the lifestyle he wanted.
  • The Bright Angle created a vase for East Fork Pottery last year. Check out our episode with East Fork Co-Founder, Connie Matisse.
  • Matt Kelleher is a friend and artist that Nick worked with at Penland, a nationally recognized art and design institution in the area.
  • Nick hosted an event with Chef Matt Dawes of The Bull and Beggar.


  • Oddesy Clayworks is where he first started in Asheville, located in the River Arts District. 
  • The Wedge is the local watering hole where all the artists would meet after work. (Also one of Tony & Sarah’s favorite spots!)
  • New York gift show and American Craft Council host large wholesale events where artists can showcase their work.
  • Mountain BizWorks served as a huge support for Nick, including loans, and providing coaches for all different parts of the business.
  • The Bright Angle went through the Elevate Program through Venture Asheville.


  • Nick’s team works with Quickbooks.
  • Nick’s signature look came from realizing geometry can be done in pottery due to the 3D printer, Taz 6 laser printer.


Music by Commonwealth Choir