I think trusting that your customer can handle the truth and treating them like a human you might see in the street really goes a long way.”

– Connie Matisse

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The behind-the-scenes story of how East Fork got its start
  • Connie explains how East Fork grew from a small pottery company to a national brand and shares some of the growing pains they experienced along the way
  • Advice for deciding whether or not you should go into business with your friends and loved ones and how to maintain a balanced relationship once you do
  • The unique customer service and care approach that East Fork follows
  • East Fork’s strategy for creating engaging Instagram and newsletter content in order to nurture and gently guide their customers
  • How to know if you should turn your craft into a business
  • The three East Fork products Connie recommends for first-time buyers
  • Connie’s perspective on the city of Asheville and how it’s changed over the years
  • Connie’s favorite spots in Asheville
  • Exciting initiatives coming up in the future for East Fork

Show Notes

About East Fork
East Fork Pottery makes beautiful ceramic dinnerware and pottery using materials from the local Blue Ridge Mountains. Founded in 2009 by Alex Matisse, Connie Matisse, and John Vigeland, the company has grown quickly from a small group of friends and artists who had a good “hunch” and creative sense of style to a full-blown, nationally-recognized ceramic business with multiple product lines, an ever-growing need for warehouse and factory space, and an executive team. Despite its growth, East Fork has strived to remain true to its mission: create beautiful, durable, and timeless ceramics in the U.S. following sustainable and ethical practices.

Connect with East Fork on their Website, Instagram (@EastForkPottery and @EastForkAsheville), and Facebook.

Connie’s Top Asheville Picks
Here are a few of Connie’s favorite places to hang out at in Asheville (among many others on the East Fork Recommends list we mentioned in our Trusted Advisor Theory blog post).

Music by Commonwealth Choir

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