Welcome to the Making It in Asheville Podcast! Since 2019, we’ve been interviewing small business owners and building a community of Asheville-based makers and entrepreneurs. Now, in July of 2023, we’re excited to announce that this season, we’ll be focusing on Ecommerce businesses based right here in Asheville! In this episode, we share what has us excited about this season and why you should be excited too.

Key Points:

  1. An abundance of Makers: Asheville is home to a vibrant community of talented makers, and this season, we’ll be showcasing their stories and experiences.
  2. Valuable Lessons: Through our interviews, we’ll uncover the valuable lessons learned by E-commerce business owners in Asheville, providing insights and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  3. Potential for Growth: The E-commerce market offers tremendous potential for growth, and we explore how businesses in Asheville are leveraging this opportunity.
  4. Rapid Market Testing: E-commerce allows for quick testing of new products and ideas, and we delve into strategies used by successful businesses to stay ahead in this fast-paced market.
  5. Fun and Easy to Support: Supporting local Ecommerce businesses is not only fun but also convenient. We explore ways you can engage with and support these businesses.

Presenting Sponsor: Ernest

This season’s presenting sponsor is Ernest, and we’re excited to record from their co-working space. Ernest is a 30,000-square-foot co-working and co-warehousing space located on Sweeten Creek, just south of downtown Asheville. Their co-warehousing concept combines flexible workspace with on-demand fulfillment services and e-commerce support.

Sarah’s Experience with Ernest

Our former co-host and podcast guest, Sarah from QB Cucina, has become a tenant at Ernest. Throughout the season, we’ll share more about her decision to grow her business with Ernest and the benefits she’s experienced.

Visit Makingitinasheville.com/ernest to learn more about Ernest and claim our podcast-only special offer for new members.

Have a recommendation for a possible guest?

As of publishing this episode, we’re still in the process of finalizing our guest lineup for this season. We’d love to hear from you about which e-commerce businesses you’d like to learn more about! Leave a comment on the YouTube video, or our Instagram post, or email Tony directly at tony@makingitinasheville.com.