In this episode, we interview Tarleton Walmsley & Seth Connelly, partners and founders of Garden Party.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The importance of imagery in creating a captivating website to bring in vibes and sales
  • Knowing when to step away from a career and trust in yourself enough to dive in completely into something new
  • Why it’s important to communicate who you are through your brand
  • Why Tarleton and Seth use intimacy and communicating as their way of advertising when traditional methods can’t be used (due to the stigma around their industry)
  • How Garden Party is committed to equity initiatives and the problematic nature of white supremacy in the cannabis industry
  • How Tarleton’s personal experience with cannabis and hemp has enabled her to communicate with and help customers

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Show Notes

About Tarleton and Seth

Garden Party is an aesthetically minded lifestyle brand and retail experience that supports well-being promotes creativity and cultivates meaningful connection through the advocacy and normalization of cannabis. Co-Founders Tarleton Walmsley and Seth Connelly opened Garden Party in the summer of 2018, and bring with them their own unique backgrounds and expertise.

Tarleton grew up in Virginia and moved to Asheville from Atlanta back in 2009. Before launching Garden Party, Tarleton spent the last several years working in B2B sales and operations, but always knew she wanted to open her own shop one day. Tarleton’s role at Garden Party includes marketing and content creation, as well as overall brand management. Seth grew up in the Ozarks of Arkansas and Key West, Florida. While living in Asheville for the past 16 years, Seth’s professional background has included wilderness therapy, business development, and before working full time at Garden Party, he was the COO of a hemp company. Seth is the glue that keeps Garden Party together–he handles all of the operations and financial aspects of the business, as well as product development. When they aren’t Garden Partying, you can find T&S hanging out with their son Finn, taking their canoe out for a ride, or hanging at home with their two cats.


“Community is a verb.”– Seth Connelly

To learn more about Garden Party and see what they’re up to in real-time, check out the links below: is where you can see the best deals and sign up for email and texts
Gardenpartyavl is where you can see Tarleton’s superpower of awesome content creation and branding
For the young folx, you can even find them on Tik Tok at


  • Wyatt Grant designed Garden Party’s logo
  • Carrie and Rob at Shelter Collective are the architects and designers that helped build the beautiful, California-inspired space at 315 Haywood Rd.
  • Ryan at Mountain Bizworks (who has since left) started his own business was a huge support to T&S
  • Jason James is a local photographer who takes product photos for Garden Party

Garden Party Food and Drink Neighbors in East-West Asheville


  • Norby is a new, intimate, and personalized way to reach and connect with people and meeting them where they’re at.


Music by Commonwealth Choir