“It was either I build this at my house or I build a company.”

– Andrew Nehlig

In this episode, we interview Andrew Nehlig, founder of Sauna House (formerly known as Bada Bastu), a Nordic-style bathhouse located in the South Slope area of Asheville. Sauna House specializes in hot cold therapy through a unique sauna and cold plunge circuit.

So how did this all come to be?

Almost ten years ago, a friend recommended that Andrew start using cold water baths to ease his sore muscles after playing intense street hockey games. So Andrew decided to start plunging in the non-temperature controlled pool behind his apartment complex in San Francisco. He later discovered an abandoned sauna in the basement of his apartment building and was surprised to find that it still worked. Suddenly, Andrew had hot cold therapy in his life every day. The benefits were astounding.

Over the years, he simply could not stop thinking about hot-cold treatment. “It was either I build this at my house or I build a company,” says Nehlig. He realized that he was on to something and that other people needed to experience the “relaxation high” he had felt. Thus, the idea for Sauna House was born.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How and why Andrew started Sauna House
  • How hot cold therapy works and why it is good for our health
  • Advice for athletes interested in hot cold therapy
  • The process Andrew went through to financially fund his business
  • What’s coming up next for Sauna House
  • Andrew’s favorite places to go in Asheville

Show Notes

Sauna House opened its doors in the South Slope area of Asheville in early 2019. They offer Hot Cold Relax therapy (a name Nehlig trademarked himself), massage treatments, and a unique wellness community.

If you’re wondering what exactly is Hot Cold Relax therapy, you’re not alone. It works like this: you spend 15 minutes in a hot sauna, followed by a quick cold shower rinse and a cold plunge for 3 minutes in a small 50-something degree pool. After that, you simply relax at room temperature for a few minutes. You repeat the circuit two to four times for the best results.

According to many scientific studies, hot-cold therapy has numerous physical and mental health benefits including reducing inflammation, stabilizing mood, improving endurance and athletic performance, and decreasing the likelihood of certain aging diseases. But most importantly, you just feel good after doing it.

Connect with Sauna House on their website and Instagram

The breathing exercise that Andrew swears by: Wim Hof Breathing Method

Andrew references this Tim Ferriss article and podcast on the benefits of hot cold therapy: Exploring Smart Drugs, Fasting, and Fat Loss with Dr. Rhonda Patrick 

Andrew found inspiration and mentoring through Asha Urban Baths, a bathhouse in Sacramento, CA

Where Sauna House went for initial funding in Asheville: Mountain BizWorks

Stoic Authors Andrew enjoys reading: Marcus Aurelius, Seneca

Where do you take friends visiting Asheville?
For knock-your-socks-off doughnuts: Hole
For breakfast, brunch, and fluffy, giant sourdough pancakes: Liberty House Cafe
For cocktails: Antidote and Sovereign Remedies
For fine dining: Bull & Beggar and Curate
Outdoor activities: Picnic at the Biltmore or hiking at Black Balsam Knob (360 degree view of the mountains) and anywhere in the Pigsah National Forest

Music by Commonwealth Choir

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