In this episode, we interview Anneliesse Gormley, a woodworker, artist, and owner of Spoon & Hook in Asheville, NC.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Anneliese shares her story of heartbreak and how that uprooted her and led to her path of woodworking
  • Why Anneliesse would tell people that she was a “woodworker” before she felt like she really was one
  • Learning to say “no”
  • The first channels that Anneliesse used for selling her work and why she loves Shopify
  • Lessons on being okay with failure
  • How Anneliesse learned woodworking and where gets her inspiration from
  • Why she says it’s important to not only say what you want but ask for it, too

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Show Notes

About Anneliesse Gormley

Anneliesse Gormley is a self-taught wood-worker nestled in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Her focus for years was in traditional hand carving techniques and creating pieces that meet both function and aesthetic. Her beautiful and functional works include the use resin and epoxy, creating pieces that fossilize flowers, mushrooms, bugs, and special pieces into forever functional wares.

Visit to learn more.


  • Over Easy Cafe – A popular breakfast & brunch in Asheville where Anneliesse worked.
  • 5 Walnut Wine Bar – Local wine and cheese bar with nightly live music located in downtown Asheville.
  • Atomic Furnishing sells mid century, modern & retro furnishings & Anneliesse has a booth there.
  • Villagers – located in West Asheville – where Anneliesse bought her first hook knife.


Books & Music

Quotes to add to your life

  • “Anytime you hear a snapping turtle, they won’t let go until it thunders” – a saying that Anneliesse’s grandmother once said. It’s something that has never made sense to Anneliesse but she appreciates it. We are always here for a great quote from grandma. 
  • “Throw a boa on it, throw some glitter on it, who cares, you only live once!” – Referencing her overall inspiration from Cher. 

Preferred Tools & Products

  • Swiss Made– Hand tools Anneliese uses to create her one of a kind pieces.
  • Two Cherries– Woodworking tools for when you’re feeling crafty.
  • Rifle Paper Co.– Journals & paper products that make you excited to get some ink to paper.


Johnson City – Storytelling Festival annual