Erik Fabian, Co-Founder of Sourhouse

This week, we welcome Erik Fabian of Sourhouse to the podcast!

Erik is a home baker and a brand marketer. His business partner is an industrial designer. The rise of sourdough homebaking during the pandemic was the ah-ha moment that set the two down the long rabbit hole that leads to today.

We, at Making It in Asheville, like to say that they’ve created “the biggest advancement in sourdough baking since the invention of the dutch-oven!” and while that’s a little tongue in cheek it’s also probably correct. Together, they created a gorgeous countertop product called Goldie — as in Goldielocks — which uses an exceptionally low amount of energy to create the perfect climate for sourdough starters. When you place your starter in Goldie, it never gets too hot or too cold, it stays just right.

To go from idea to product, product to successfully crowdfunded project, and successfully crowdfunded project to a growing business took a lot of intention. We get into the details of Sourdough’s playbook in this week’s episode.

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