Happy 2021, friends!

On the first podcast episode of the year, we thought it’d be a great time to circle back to our episode from season 3, “How to Set Goals that M.A.T.A. and Achieve Them.” We offer useful steps using the M.A.T.A  method and explain how this system can help you set more meaningful, intentional goals for the New Year – and actually stick to them.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why New Year’s Resolutions often fail and how you can prevent it from happening
  • How to decide what your goals should be
  • Tips for creating small wins and holding yourself accountable
  • A step by step guide to the M.A.T.A. framework and how to put it into action

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Show Notes

M.A.T.A  is the acronym we use to set meaningful year-long goals and achieve them. It stands for  Meaningful, Actionable, Time-Constrained, and Accountable.

Find the rest of the show notes from this episode.


Music by Commonwealth Choir