In this episode, we interview Jaze Uries, a musician and photographer.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The story of how Jaze developed a passion and talent for music
  • What it was like for Jaze to write, produce, and sing his first song
  • How Jaze become interested in photography and developed an eye for fashion and architectural styles

We hope you enjoy this episode with Jaze!

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Show Notes

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About Jaze Uries

Jaze Uries is a singer, drummer, songwriter, and photographer. Jaze has been creating music for nearly three decades. At age twenty he left the New School for Contemporary Music in NYC where he was studying to tour the world as a drummer. He recently released his first song called “Touch” together with his bandmate, Ted. Their group name is Tü Koyote.

After over ten years of traveling, Jaze began to develop a new passion for architectural design, fashion, and photography. His photos have received international recognition including a Vogue Italia feature.

Jaze currently lives in Asheville, NC with his son and girlfriend. Learn more about his photography at and connect with Jaze on Instagram @strongmagnumopus.

Bands, Musicians, & Songs

“Touch” by Tü Koyote

Ted Marks is Jaze’s bandmate. He co-produced “touch by Tü Koyote”

New School for Contemporary Music in NYC is the school that Jaze attended for a few years.

Stereoreform is an 80s-infused electrofunk project, was born at the tail end of the 2000s.

The Future Started Yesterday (affiliate link) is an album by Stereoreform.

Questlove is an American musician and music journalist. He is the drummer and joint frontperson for the hip hop band, the Roots.

Steve Jordan is an American drummer, songwriter, and record producer. He’s a member of the John Mayer Trio.

The Sun is Gonna Shine is a gospel song. (It’s one of Jaze’s favorites!)

Caxixi is a percussion instrument consisting of a closed basket with a flat bottom filled with seeds or other small particles.

A&R (Artists and repertoire) is the division of a record label or music publishing company that is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and songwriters.

Books & Movies

Whiplash is a 2014 film about a promising young drummer that enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize a student’s potential.

The War of Art is a 2002 non-fiction book written by Steven Pressfield. The book highlights the many forms of resistance that artists, entrepreneurs, and creators face when trying to break through creative barriers. View on Amazon (affiliate link) or view on Malaprops.


“The skills you really want can’t be taught, but they can be learned.” – Naval


Music by Commonwealth Choir