I am stretched by play.

-Nicole McConville

In this episode, we interview Nicole McConville, an Asheville-based photographer and artist. She specializes in portrait, food, fashion, and product photography while also focusing on themes of visual storytelling and connection.

Throughout this podcast interview, Nicole shares with us her background and personal making it in Asheville’s story. Although today Nicole is considered one of the top business branding photographers in town, this wasn’t always her profession.

One of her first careers in Asheville was working for a publishing house that specialized in producing craft books. During her 16 years there, Nicole learned the value and importance of visual storytelling through imagery.

When her publishing career came to an end, Nicole suddenly felt out of place. What was next? On a whim, she took a trip to Morocco and enrolled in an instant photography workshop. A self-described perfectionist, Nicole recounts the feeling that overcame her:

“I am stretched by play. And I can’t control this as much as I might want to… I need permission to release and let go and try things and understand that out of ten images only one may good. And that’s okay. All of those images had value, [as well as] simply stretching myself and trying something new.”

It didn’t take long for her to discover her new passion: photography.

Over the years, Nicole McConville has developed her unique photography style, testing out different ideas and subject focuses. Today her emphasis is on helping entrepreneurs make first and lasting connections through portrait photography.

“This isn’t just about taking pretty pictures,” says Nicole. “This is about honoring certain people in a certain place and time. And knowing that what we’re doing is allowing them to meet other people.”

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • How Nicole went from a long career in publishing to discovering her passion for photography
  • Why Nicole’s photographic style is less focused on tech and gear and more focused on connection and storytelling
  • The importance of listening to your own internal compass and how this very act has impacted Nicole’s success
  • Why sharing your work just might be the most important thing you do
  • Tips for developing your own creative style
  • Why, according to Nicole, all businesses should take their own photos and her advice for doing so

Show Notes

Nicole McConville Photography offers portrait, food, fashion, and product photography with an emphasis on visual storytelling and connection. Connect with her via her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

You can learn more about her upcoming Capture and Convey Workshop here: POSTPONED UNTIL A LATER DATE






Music by Commonwealth Choir

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