“It’s really beautiful to allow people to step outside of their day-to-day hustle to take time to slow down, recognize beauty all around them and connect with their bodies and breath.” – Sue Ann Fisher

In this podcast episode, we sit down and chat with the two lovely ladies behind Asheville Wellness Tours: Sue Ann Fisher and Nicole Will.

Several years ago, the former owner of Asheville Wellness Tours approached Nicole to see if she wanted to take over the experience. Having a background in Outdoor Wildnerness Therapy and love for wellness, Nicole jumped at the opportunity.

But she knew she couldn’t do alone. That’s where yogi, Sue Ann Fisher, came into play. Together, the two of them have developed an incredible wellness tour experience here in Asheville. They collaborate with many wellness professionals throughout Asheville, incorporating yoga, outdoors, essential oils, massage, and more into their offerings.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How Asheville Wellness Tours got its start and how the company’s offerings have evolved since then
  • Why we loved the Yoga Hike and how it’s different from a traditional yoga class
  • Nicole tells us more about Wildnerness Therapy and how it works
  • We talk briefly on the history of wellness in Asheville
  • Sue Ann and Nicole also share with us some of their favorite wellness spots in town
  • Key business decisions Sue Ann and Nicole made while building their business, including profit strategy, partnership outreach, and marketing efforts, plus the lessons learned from them
  • Sue Ann and Nicole share some details on their own wellness practices
  • Sue Ann and Nicole give us the inside scoop on some of their favorite places to hang out at in Asheville

Show Notes

Asheville Wellness Tours curates experiences, custom itineraries, and adventures with a wellness twist. Think: Yoga Hikes, Group Tarot Card Readings, Mobile Massages, and Downtown Walking Tours (with yoga in between stops). Connect with them on their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Some of the business resources mentioned during this episode include the Asheville CVB (Convention and Visitor Bureau) and Mountain Biz Works classes. Sue Ann and Nicole also mentioned that they are currently working on re-doing their website with a local company called Yonderday.

Sue Ann’s daily wellness routine includes an hour-long sitting meditation, Vijana Yoga and Pranayama Breathing.

Nicole’s wellness practice includes eating chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven, drinking Malbec red wine, along with attending a silent meditation retreat and the Grove Park Inn Spa at least twice a year. She also enjoys walking along the Mountain to Sea trail near her home.

Sue Ann and Nicoles’ Favorite Place to Go in Asheville

“Think about this: a plain donut from Hole. Fresh. Hot. Cut in half with a Lil’ Sister taco stuffed in between.”

-Sue Ann

Music by Commonwealth Choir

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