Wondering how to support the Making It in Asheville podcast?

First: thank you.

There are lots of ways to support without spending a dime—mostly by joining our community or speaking highly of us online!

Additionally, there are some ways that you can help us financially as well.

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If you love what we’re up to, appreciate the work we have done so far, and are looking for a way to show your financial support, we’re humbled. Using the affiliate links on this page costs you nothing and earns us a small commission from each of these businesses. Thank you for choosing to support us in this way!

Shop East Fork

We love East Fork products so much that we reached out to become an official East Fork Affiliate. Use the link below before shopping on EastFork.com (affiliate link) and we’ll earn a small commission on the sale.

East Fork Affiliate Link: https://eastfork.com/?sscid=c1k3_rzsie&

Shop on Clawhammer Supply

Clawhammer Supply (episode #43) sells home brewing and home distilling equipment and has a ton of free resources for people interested in getting started and/or improving their homebrewing practice. They were kind enough to offer us an affiliate link!

Clawhammer Supply Affiliate Link: http://www.clawhammersupply.com?aff=8

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Though we try to shop local whenever we can, it’s hard to argue with the convenience and breadth of Amazon’s offerings. If you’re going to shop on Amazon.com (affiliate link) anyway, please first click on our affiliate link.

Amazon Affiliate link: https://amzn.to/2MIM6ld

We’re also open to sourcing new partners, affiliates, sponsors, and new ideas.

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