What Now, Asheville?

ABOUT THE SERIES: “What Now, Asheville?” was a one-week series of Facebook Lives where we shared actionable insights for responding to COVID-19 from and for local businesses in our community. Each day of the week, we coveres a different topic or theme and invited guests to speak about that specific topic.

Read more about each day below. Notes from each live conversation are at the bottom of the page. (Click Here to Jump to the Notes)

“What Now, Asheville?” Livestream Agenda

Content Pivot: Adapting Your Content Strategy for COVID-19

Day #1, Monday, March 23rd: We address the pressing questions most businesses are facing now that “everything” has changed. What type of content should I be sharing at this time? I don’t know where to start with taking better photos or using video in my business?  

  • ?Nicole McConville (Episode 045): On how to use photography (and take your own images at home) to better communicate your brand
  • ?Voyager Video: On tips for how best to use video in your business and how to get started with video content from your home
  • ?Mountain Laurel Digital: On using SEO (Search engine optimization) to spur content ideas and advise your marketing strategy

Watch Day One of “What Now, Asheville?” on Facebook: bit.ly/whatnowavl-1

Money, Money, Money: Finding Creative Ways to Make Money During COVID-19

Day #2, Tuesday, March 24th: We address some of the many questions we’re all asking around money. How can I make money now? What resources are available to local businesses? Is there anything I should be thinking about with regards to personal finances? 

  • ?Gillie Roberts of Ware (Episode 004): On the transition to eCommerce and finding new opportunities  
  • ?Chris Grasinger of Mountain Biz Works: On resources available to small businesses locally and nationally and ideas for business owners to keep in mind.
  • ?Chris Larsen of Next Level Income: On personal finance principles, lessons learned in the last recession, and how to stay positive today.

Watch Day Two of “What Now, Asheville?” on Facebook: bit.ly/whatnowavl-2

The Show Must Go On: How to Bring Your Community into the Digital World

Day #3, Wednesday, March 25th: We will address the process of transitioning communities online. We’ll discuss some ideas, products, and practices for cultivating digital experiences that still feel personal and powerful. 

  • ?Nicole Will of Asheville Wellness Tours  (Episode 023): On taking an in-person tour business online and supporting a wellness community by innovating
  • ?️‍♀️Courtney Kelly of Strength Ratio (Episode 030): On transitioning group workouts to home workouts, creating (a digital) community atmosphere, and serving your customers 
  • ?Tyler J McCall, Digital Businesses Expert (Episode 047): On leveraging your personal brand and building a digital community, plus some lessons from 10 years of running an online business. 

Watch Day Three of “What Now, Asheville?” on Facebook here: bit.ly/nowwhatavl-3

Daily Practice: How to Build and Maintain a Daily Practice from Home

Day #4, Thursday, March 26th: We’ll focus on daily practices. We’ll look at the power and importance of finding a daily writing practice for both personal and professional growth. And we’ll look at ways to manage a physical and mental wellness practice from home.

  • ✍️David Pennington, Writer: On building and maintaining a daily writing practice both for personal and professional growth. 
  • ?Miranda Peterson of Namaste in Nature: On building and maintaining a personal wellness practice from home.
  • ?Gareth Higgins of The Porch Magazine (Episode 042): On building and maintaining our connection with communities and supporting mental health.

Watch Day Three of “What Now, Asheville?” on Facebook here: bit.ly/whatnowavl-4

Asheville’s “Phoenix” Businesses: Conversations with Entrepreneurs Who’s Businesses Were Born From the Ashes of the Last Recession

Day #5, Friday, March 27th: We sit down with three business owners who have experienced hard times before. These business owners started their businesses during or in the wake of the great recession of 2007-2009. They share their experiences and, perhaps, the silver linings we might receive on the other side of this pandemic.

  • Lisa Peteet of Atlas Branding (Episode 042): on building a branding and design agency during a great recession
  • ?Elisa Van Arnam of SoulKu: on the many pivots before finding a sweet spot in consumer products
  • ?Myles Alexander of Form and Function Architecture (Episode 042): on diversification of client types as a way to “manage risk” and other lessons from the recession

Watch Day Three of “What Now, Asheville?” on Facebook here: bit.ly/whatnowavl-5

“What Now, Asheville?” Notes from Live Conversations

Day #1:

Nicole McConville, Photography


  1. Photos of you
  2. Photos of your work
  3. Photos of your process/space
  4. Photos of your tools/materials
    • Use Defused Light from a Window
    • Covered outdoor spaces

David and Lindsey Barasse, Voyager Video


Build a video framework

Use a video teleprompter app. (Article on the best teleprompter apps: https://www.adorama.com/alc/7-best-teleprompter-apps)

Casey Nifong, Mountain Laurel Digital


Create content that communicates your emergency plan and how your business is supporting your team and community.



Google Analytics — Title Tage and Meta Descriptions

Day #2:

Gillie Roberts, Ware



Chris Grasinger, Mountain Biz Works.



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Chris Larsen, Next Level Income




Day #3:



Nicole Will and Sue Ann Fisher, Asheville Wellness Tours




Courtney Kelly, Strength Ratio



Zoom for community hangouts.

Tyler J. McCall, Online Business Expert


kajabi.com all in one marketing for digital businesses