Monday Maker Mixer - Making It in Asheville

Monday Maker Mixer

At Making It in Asheville, we’re working to create opportunities for our community of artists, entrepreneurs, and part-time business builders to connect meaningfully. Our first step toward this work was to create an event style we’re calling the Monday Maker Mixer.

For Q4 of 2022, each first Monday of the month, we’ll host a Monday Maker Mixer.

Each event will be different in theme, timing, and location but they all will be the same. No matter where we host these events (it will change monthly), our priority is to create the means for people to connect, learn about one another, and not share business cards.

To be clear, the goal of these events is to not feel like a networking event. Even saying “networking event” will pin this to the wrong part of your brain. When you hear Monday Maker Mixer, we want you to think community event, reunion, social, or— for the sake of alliteration— mixer.

Our first Monday Maker Mixer was at night and had over 80 people show up. Our second event was in the morning and was limited to 35 total guests (the venue was much smaller). Based on early success, these events will sell out (aka run out of space—they’re meant to be free or incredibly low cost).

If you’re a maker of any form and of any degree, we welcome you to join our email list where we announce the events at least 24-hours before they’re available to the public.

Hope to see you soon,

Making It in Asheville