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We hope you enjoy this episode.

In this episode, we interview Anuj Patel, Tech Support aficionado, and 1/2 of the founders of Tech House in Asheville, NC.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How Anuj and Early’s relationship allows them to thrive, communicate and grow
  • How TH is finding success by stepping back from the niche market (think Apple store) and allowing TH to be approachable by having the ability to let people come in and learn and use technology as a tool
  • How Tech House shows up and is accessible to their customers in many ways/platforms
  • How watching his father and family’s entrepreneurship background and experience shaped much of Anuj’s success
  • Franchise vs owning your own business and how TH created a system that uses techniques from both
  • Navigating supply and demand as a small business

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Show Notes

About Anuj and Tech House


Anuj Patel is an Indian-American entrepreneur, tech professional, and music producer. Born in India, he moved to the US with his family in 1993. Growing up in Raleigh, NC, some of his fondest childhood memories are playing Tetris with his family and spending hours on Microsoft Paint. These experiences quickly morphed into spending time tinkering with and taking apart computers. Anuj then became enthralled with the knowledge and toolset working with computers could provide. This idea paved the way for his future.

Grateful to be raised in an entrepreneurial family, Anuj was able to develop creative problem-solving skills, and have the support needed to confidently become an entrepreneur himself. He moved to Asheville 7 years ago, with dreams of using his creativity to build a path towards an independent and self-sustained lifestyle. Taking from his early career as a filmmaker, and from over 12 years of experience in consumer electronics sales and support, it was clear to him that having a place for people to bridge the gap between themselves and their technology was essential, especially in Asheville. As Anuj says, “It’s all about having the right set of tools and knowing how to use them.” And that is what led him and co-founder, Early Gima, to embark on the journey to build Tech House.

When Anuj is not working on your precious technology, he loves to ride his motorcycle through the mountains of Western North Carolina, make music, and play his favorite sport, Ping-Pong.

To learn more about Tech House, check out the links below:

TH Website



  • Early is Anuj’s brilliant business partner and the PC wizard of TH (that’s rare to find, friends)
  • Jazmin Rogers is the owner of the new yoga studio, Asheville Iridescence Yoga. She is a friend and the person behind many of the social media posts at TH.


  • Lightspeed and Ikiono are the plugins Anuj and Early use to tie everything together on the backend and allows for texting. Anuj tells us these programs “totally leveled up business”.



Music by Commonwealth Choir