Episode 107 with Shelton Steele and Joe Balkin of Wrong Way River Lodge & Cabins
In this episode, we talk with Shelton and Joe, the founders of Wrong Way Riverside Lodge and cabins. We get into everything from the brown liquor brainstorm that started it all and what technologies our mission critical to running a hospitality operation like theirs.
They do everything the “Wrong Way” emphasizing sustainability and community as foremost tenants of their business.
In this episode, we get into:
  • Urban Cabin Campgrounds
  • Voluntourism
  • Scappalachia
  • Green Building and Green Operating
  • Designing a sense of place, and
  • The long-term visions for the business
Give this episode a listen and then go visit their awesome lodge on Amboy Rd.

In this interview, John says he likes to “make small decisions” – you know, like buying a house and figuring out how to run an Airbnb in Asheville.

John is less than one year into owning a home in Asheville and has recently gone through the process of getting his basement permitted as a rental unit – two things we’re very much hoping to do in the next few years. Within the Asheville city limits, running an Airbnb has become an increasingly complicated challenge and murky legal area. In this episode, John shared with us his insider’s knowledge of Asheville’s real estate and rental laws, plus some incredible wisdom on staying balanced through it all.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we put buying a home and running an Airbnb in Asheville on an indefinite back burner
  • Practical and actionable advice if you’re considering turning your space into an Airbnb
  • How to run an Airbnb
  • John’s sage philosophies on work/life balance and finding contentment
  • How making small decisions first can help you start a new project

We think you’ll love John’s easy-going advice as much as we did.

Show Notes

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