This episode announces a miniseries focused on sharing the behind-the-scenes strategies and tactics used to launch a new business in Asheville.

Over the next month, we’ll be diving into the “Why, How, and What’s” of the business, South Slope Pilates (and All Things Wellness), and the launch plan.

In the episode, we make three requstes:

  1. If you’re a pilates expert and would like to share your enthusiasm with me, please reach out to me: tony
  2. If you or someone you know if a group-fitness instructor and interested in learning about the project, please reach out to
  3. And if you’re interested in taking a free demo class, visit and join the pre-launch email list!

In this episode, we share the story of Greg Hardy and Rockgeist. Unfortunately, the audio is corrupted so this episode feels more like a book report than an interview.

If you’re not familiar, rock ghost is a bikepacking company. Bikepacking, as you might’ve guessed, is a play on backpacking. The difference is that you wear a backpack on your back and a bike pack on your bike.

Boomer is the founder of Big Boom Design, an Asheville-based company focused on building, securing, and improving WordPress-based websites. Boomer shares his story of growing his business narrowing the focus of his business, and working to find a balance between his computer work and passions.
We hope you enjoy this episode.
Episode 107 with Shelton Steele and Joe Balkin of Wrong Way River Lodge & Cabins
In this episode, we talk with Shelton and Joe, the founders of Wrong Way Riverside Lodge and cabins. We get into everything from the brown liquor brainstorm that started it all and what technologies our mission critical to running a hospitality operation like theirs.
They do everything the “Wrong Way” emphasizing sustainability and community as foremost tenants of their business.
In this episode, we get into:
  • Urban Cabin Campgrounds
  • Voluntourism
  • Scappalachia
  • Green Building and Green Operating
  • Designing a sense of place, and
  • The long-term visions for the business
Give this episode a listen and then go visit their awesome lodge on Amboy Rd.

In this episode, we talk about a theme that showed up during our last Monday Maker Mixer.

The episode focuses on the idea that there are winters both in life and in business. And that to survive a harsh winter, you need to have prepared for it.

We talk about some of the ways that small businesses can prepair for lean times. We talk about ways that small businesses can effectively and efficiently add “calories” to their business by building trap lines.

It’s a metaphor that you might need to hear to understand. Please give the episode a listen!


Hope you’ll join us at our next Monday Maker Mixer (11/07/2022 at the time of publishing)!

In this episode, we get an update from three past guests.
Sarah Hooker Photographer in Asheville
Jeff Kaplan
Burial Beer- Making It In Asheville
In this episode, we get an update from three past guests.
Nicole McConville Making It in Asheville Podcast

Photo by Nicole McConville (

Nicole McConnville
Zach Eidson at Metro Wines
Alyssa Philips of Amp'd Designs
More to come from

In this episode, we interview Sarah Ubertaccio — co-founder of Making It In Asheville — about her new business QB Cucina. Sarah is a life-long Italy enthusiast with a special love for Italian food culture. When the pandemic hit, she dove into past making and quickly realized there was an itch she needed to scratch. Now, she runs the internet’s defacto home for all things pasta tools and Italian (or Italy-inspired) kitchen wares.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How, why, and when QB Cucina came to life
  • What lessons Sarah had to learn to start a product business (after years of marketing and service work)
  • What tactics and strategies have worked and not worked so far in her business
  • And what platform is ideal for a new product business

Enjoyed this interview? We think you might also dig this episode with Ashton Zager of Ashton Zager Fiber Arts

Show Notes

About Sarah Ubertaccio

Sarah was born in Atlanta, GA, and got her BA and MBA in Providence, RI. After school, she moved to Italy for 5-years, taught English, and lived the dolce vita. Since returning to the USA in 2017, she’s worked at Eataly in New York, founded Making It Creative (which powers this podcast).

About QB Cucina: From their Website

“q.b. cucina, is a gathering place for Italian food lovers and home cooks across the world. Our dream here at q.b. cucina is to bring you delicious Italian food content (recipes, guides, tips) as well as a curated collection of beautiful, hard-to-find Italian kitchen tools and accessories. Every day, we’re working on creating new and exciting content and sourcing the best Italian-made and Italy-inspired kitchenwares from incredibly talented artisans and producers.”

To learn more about QB Cucina, check out the links below:



  • Gille Roberts – helped Sarah get started buying and selling products online.
  • Garnet Fisher – helped Sarah design the QB Cucina website
  • Jeff Kaplan – was a resource for helping QB Cucina get connected to local business accelerators


  • Shopify
  • WordPress

Music by Commonwealth Choir


In this episode, we reset and answer these questions:

  • Where have we been?!
  • What’s Sarah up to?
  • What’s next for the podcast?
  • What’s next for the community?


Episode Notes:

We had a son! That’s right, we made him in Asheville. His name is Nico and he’s a happy and healthy baby.

Sarah’s primary focus is now QB Cucina.

  • QB Cucina Website
  • QB Cucina Instagram

We’re still working with select clients via our agency, Making It Creative.

We’re looking to use our platform to share more good news and great work in the community. Click here to learn about how to send us a 1-minute voice memo.

More projects are coming down the pike, so if you’re not yet, please subscribe to our email list. That’s where we’ll be share the most information.

Quick announcement episode!

  • The podcast is back
  • There have been a lot of changes at Making It In Asheville HQ
  • We make a request for Voice Memos from the community
We make an open call to non-profit and non-commercial organizations in Asheville. If you’d like to share a 1-minute sound bite about the work that you’re doing in Asheville, please visit this page to learn how to send us a voice memo.