In this episode, we interview Tim Gormley, one of the founders of Burial Beer, Forestry Camp, and their newest business, Visuals.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The similarities between punk rock and craft beer
  • How the New Orleans traditional Jazz Funeral inspired the name and symbolism behind Burial Beer 
  • Why Tim and his co-founders decided to move from Seattle to Asheville to start their business
  • How Burial creates an immersive experience with each bottle
  • Why Tim and his team love Asheville 
  • The creation and history of Forestry Camp and Visuals, which is their newest venture
  • The importance of collaborating with other businesses outside of the beverage realm

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Show Notes

About Tim Gormley

Tim experienced his “epiphany beer,” Samuel Smith Imperial Stout, whilst studying for his business degree at Penn State University. Shortly after graduation, he relocated to Seattle, WA where he met his current business partners, Doug and Jess Reiser. In their free time, the trio home-brewed and documented their craft beer-centric travels on their blog, Tim began brewing professionally at Lazy Boy Brewing (Everett, WA) in 2009 before seeking more experience crafting Belgian and German-style beers at Sound Brewery (Poulsbo, WA). Doug, Jess, and Tim moved to Asheville, NC in 2012 and opened Burial Beer Co. in the summer of 2013.

To learn more about Burial, Forestry Camp, and Visuals check out the links below:

Burial Beer Website and IG

Forestry Camp Website and IG

Visuals Website and IG

Businesses In Asheville Burial Has Collaborated With


  • Samuel Smith is a famous brewer from the UK, which has influenced Tim. Fun fact, Samual Smith is Yorkshire’s oldest brewery, established in 1758!
  • Doug & Jess Reiser are 2 of the 3 founding partners of Burial Beer 
  • David Paul Seymour is the illustrator for burial beer, creating iconic images and works of art created an immersive experience 
  • Anneliesse Gormley, Tim’s wife, inspires him in all facets of life and business

Beer That Has Inspired Tim in His Journey

  • Dogfish Head is a micro beer that’s been influential in Tim’s life
  • Tim’s Epiphany Beer was Jolly Pumpkin


Music by Commonwealth Choir