In this episode, we interview Jacob Ballard, owner of Nature Bound Co. and Asheville Print Shop.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How using your personal experiences (and interests) can lead to awesome business ideas
  • How to distinguish between the different types of entrepreneurship
  • Where the inspiration for the +900 designs of Nature Bound Co. came from
  • Why time is the most important asset and the one thing you can’t get more of
  • Tips for focusing when you’re wearing multiple hats in your business

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Show Notes

About Jacob Ballard

Jacob’s story of entrepreneurship starts at age 6, knocking on doors of the apartment complex he and his family lived in. A young Jacob was motivated to raise money for a seat at the movie theater. So much so, that he began washing cars, and soon young Jacob’s piggy bank was busting at the snout. Fast forward to high school and college, where he saw the opportunity and a gap to again create businesses. These ranged from cutting grass, starting a T-shirt company big in the MMA world, and customizing Myspace pages (remember that?).  Now, Jacob Ballard has the successful business Asheville Print Shop where he and his team create a one-stop-shop for printing and all things merchandise.

While completing the TransAmerica Trail, (think Appalachian Trail for off-road vehicles), Jacob became inspired to highlight nature’s greatness. Mixing beautiful designs with a passion to discuss and preserve the land, Nature Bound Co.’s products have expanded to 900 designs, found in places like REI and national parks.




  • “Life is a dance, life is a constant need for improvement” – Jacob discussing leveling up and pursuing multiple avenues in business
  • “If an idea stays in your head, you should go for it” – Jacob referring to the intrinsic itch when a new business idea starts brewing

Where to Find and Follow Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing and Nature Bound Co.

Asheville Print Shop and Screen Printing is located at two locations in Asheville, NC.

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