In this episode of Making It In Asheville, we have the opportunity to talk grapes with three important members of the Biltmore Winery. We chat with the Winemaker and Vice President of Biltmore Winery, Sharon Fenchack; Sr. Director Wine Production Operations, Jeff Plack; and Vineyard Supervisor, Philip Oglesby.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode

Philip Oglesby shares:

  • How Appalachian soil isn’t the easiest to work with but offers great potential if you put in the work
  • What grapes they have on the Biltmore Wines vineyard and why
  • How the Appalachian mountains are the oldest mountain range in the world 
  • The timeline from planting a grapevine to getting a full harvest

Jeff Plack gives an inside look at:

  • How the wine “crush dock” looks a bit like Willy Wonka’s factory
  • How Sharon works with lab technique to create perfect blends
  • How many barrels they have (hint: it’s over 13 thousand!)
  • The wine they’re currently aging in barrels from oak harvested on the estate 
  • What fast-and-furious style wine packaging looks like at 15k bottles a day 
  • What their 125 anniversary means
  • How you haven’t experienced the full Biltmore experience until you’ve done the wine tasting (it’s free!)

Sharon discusses:

  • What the production timeline looks like from sourcing grapes to bottling.
  • How a diverse supply chain makes the process of winemaking more fun
  • The start of Biltmore wines 35 years ago
  • How the 10,000 person wine club has created a unique experience during COVID-19
  • How Biltmore has fused George Vanderbilt’s vision and legacy to what the winery is today

Make your reservation for The Biltmore to get the full experience!

Music by Commonwealth Choir