In this episode, we interview 31 Suns owner, Emily Jeffords, and Chief Operating Officer, Kylie Agee. As you’ll listen you’ll see what had started as a bond over marching band stories developed into an empowering and productive partnership. This is a great episode to share with your bestie, we had all the friend-love good-vibes while chatting with the pair.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why creating something you love makes marketing easier
  • How authenticity and humanness shines in an Instagram flood of products
  • Why naturally-giving people shouldn’t shy away from getting compensated for knowledge and advice
  • How to overcome feelings of “not doing enough” to create a better work-life balance
  • Homing in on your best creative ideas when they may feel all over the place
  • How Emily created a new revenue stream at the start of the pandemic (teaching)

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Show Notes

About Emily Jeffords

Emily lives in Black Mountain, NC with her best friend and husband, Jason, and their two little boys. She started using polymer clay in June 2018 to help battle her depression and it helped her find herself again. Clay saved her life. Her main inspirations include architecture, pastels, space, sunrises, and the surreal and abstract.

She loves experimenting with new ideas, teaching her students on Patreon, fostering encouragement in her community, and challenging herself as much as she can.

About Kylie Agee.

Originally from Colorado, Kylie lives in Swannanoa, NC with her husband, Evan, and their two fur babies. The stars seemingly aligned when Kylie met Emily and a special friendship immediately formed. When the opportunity presented itself to work with Emily, the answer was an instant “yes!”

Kylie currently helps manage the business operations of the 31 Suns Studio and also assists with making earrings. A current graduate student at the University of North Carolina, Kylie enjoys the chance for continuous learning and loves exploring new ways of doing things. She’s overjoyed to be part of the 31 Suns Studio and is grateful for the love and support of Emily and her community!

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