In this episode, we interview graphic illustrator, brand developer, and bassist, Logan Hall.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How Logan’s creative outlets overlap between design and music
  • How the nature of Logan’s work is always allowing him to learn something new
  • The collaborative effort of musicians and artists in general
  • The development and exciting future for Pink Beds music
  • How Pinterest still stands strong

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Show Notes

About Logan Hall

Logan Hall is a Designer and Illustrator who operates under Logarhythm Creative. Logan is a native of Western NC and graduated from Appalachian State University for Graphic Design. He moved to Asheville around 2.5 years ago and began freelancing full-time at the beginning of 2020. Before this deep dive into the abyss, he worked at agencies in and around Colorado and also led in-house design for a global family of cannabis brands. Logan’s work focuses on Brand Identity, Graphic Design, and Illustration. He loves working with like-minded brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians, and politicians.

Oh, what is a Logarhythm? Other than a misspelled button on a calculator, it began as an Instagram handle for a young music-playing ‘Log’ where he typically played bass in the ‘rhythm’ section. Logan has played guitar and bass in bands since he was a kid and is a huge music fan
(snob)! He now plays in an Asheville band called Pink Beds with some long-time friends.


To learn more about Logan’s work in graphic design and music check out the following links:

Logarhythm Creative Website

Logarhythm IG

Pink Beds Website

Pink Beds IG


Announcement for Pink Beds

  • There is a new single coming out on June 25th! Find them on your favorite music streaming app.


Music by Commonwealth Choir