In this episode, we interview Debbie Word, the owner of Chemist Spirits in Asheville, NC.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • What makes moonshine so aggressive and why great spirits taste good.
  • The serendipity that led to the Chemist’s distillery and Antidote bar’s incredible location on the south slope in Asheville
  • The difficulty in finding investors and funding and how that’s actually been an asset to the business
  • What’s next for Chemist Spirits (psst… lots of growth and new spirits)

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Show Notes

About Debbie Word

Debbie has a history of jumping in with both feet. Before she began moonshining with a small home still, she had a career in landscape architecture. Since founding Chemisit Spirits in 2016, she has been a full-time problem solver. In this conversation, we talk about the history and future of Chemist Spirits.

About Chemist Spirits

Founded by Debbie Word, Chemist Gin was born from a small family still and many hours of moonshining with her daughter Danielle, an actual Chemist. Their unique appreciation for classic distilling and modern science led to the creation of their first spirit – a beautiful gin made with American botanicals and distilled wheat spirit. This female-led distillery strikes a perfect balance between the traditional craft and the modern American spirits movement.

To learn more about Chemist Spirits, check out the links below:

The Chemist Spirits Website

The Chemist Spirits Instagram




Music by Commonwealth Choir