In this episode, we take a moment to share some updates from the team at Making It in Asheville.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode: 

  • What to expect next from Making It in Asheville
  • Where Sarah has been hiding
  • Who else is involved in the production of this show
  • About Sarah’s new business
  • And more…


Show Notes

The two-year anniversary of our first episode is April 24th, 2021.

We have some incredible guests lined up for Season 7 and some exciting new projects ahead. We want to tell more stories from our community and we’re going to be leaning into video. Stay tuned to the website and to our YouTube channel.

We used to say that the Making It In Asheville podcast was brought to you by Making It Creative (our marketing agency) but we’ve recently reallocated the majority of our attention to other projects.

Sarah launched QB Cucina ( in September and has been doing an incredible job growing that business. QB Cucina is your destination for all things Italian food, cooking, and culture. If you want to know try an Italian pasta recipe, buy the tools to make it, and take a class to perfect it, QB Cucina is where you want to go.

And Tony took over a nearly 20-year-old technology company called 1Source International ( 1Source is your single source for workplace solutions ranging from Conferencing and Call Center to Video and Virtual Event Solutions and more. Before you invest in new technologies for your business, no matter what they are, consider having a conversation with the team at 1Source.