At the end of every podcast season, we like to go back and recap all the episodes. We find that doing this can help you decide which episodes you want to listen to next. Think of it as a “sampler” episode!

We hit a lot of important milestones in Season 3:

  • We started dabbling with creating more video content. In fact, you can check out all Season 3 episodes on our YouTube channel.
  • We interviewed 11 local Ashevillians, all in very unique industries.
  • We also began hosting events! Check out our events page to learn more.
  • We reached over 12,000 podcast downloads. Whew! Thanks, y’all!

Here’s How This Episode Works:

  • You’ll listen to a single meaningful sound bite (about 1-2 minutes) from each episode.
  • You’ll also hear us give about 2 minutes of commentary on each episode where we share our favorite parts about the episode.
  • You’ll learn about what’s to come in Season 4.

Show Notes

Episodes Mentioned:

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