People read things and they have great ideas, but they never do anything…that’s the difference between people who have their own business and the people who don’t. You need to take action if you want things to happen.

– Kyle Brown

In this episode, we interview Kyle Brown, the founder of Clawhammer Supply. Clawhammer manufactures and sells home brewing and home distilling equipment online, directly to consumers.

The idea for Clawhammer was born out of Kyle’s own curiosity and love of “tinkering.” He has always loved building things from scratch and learning the inner workings of how seemingly complex processes occur.

“The thing about this story is that I’m just a guy who was just making stills in the basement and one day a lot of people wanted to buy them. I don’t have any formal business training,” says Kyle.

But, as you’ll hear more about in the episode, the key difference-maker that helped Kyle grow his business into one of the largest home-brewing and distilling equipment companies in the world was the guts to take action.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The story of how Clawhammer Supply got its start
  • How Kyle used Google Ads to test the viability of his product
  • The strategy and tactics Kyle employes to scale his business
  • How Kyle leveraged organic content and email marketing to grow his business sustainably
  • Tips for coming up with new content ideas
  • Fun facts about beer, homebrewing, and distilling

Show Notes

Clawhammer Supply manufactures and sells homebrewing and home distillation equipment online direct to consumers. They were kind enough to offer us an affiliate link so anything that you buy at Clawhammer by clicking this link pays us a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our podcast and our guests’ businesses!

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