Slow and steady wins the race. Instant gratification, unrealistic aspirations is just not going to cut it, at least not in a post 2008/2009 recession…we saw that, and that was our approach.

-Dean Peteet

In this episode, we uncover the story of the founders and creative minds behind Atlas Branding.

When Lisa and Dean Peteet moved to Asheville in 2008, they didn’t think they were ready to start their own design agency. Lisa felt like she still wanted 10 more years of experience working under someone else’s creative direction, while her husband Dean knew more about playing the guitar than he did about branding.

But what they soon realized is that there was no one else to work for, nowhere else to get the kind of experience they wanted in the creative world here in Asheville. So, they started building a business plan. Step by step, they took on client after client. They saved money and said “yes” to just about everything.

Since its founding, Atlas Branding has worked with many different Asheville-based businesses and events, including Chow Chow Asheville, Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn, Ginger’s Revenge, High Five Coffee, Form & Function Architecture, and many more. And now, over 10 years later, they are considered one of Asheville’s top design and branding agencies.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The story of how Lisa and Dean founded and grew Atlas Branding into one of Asheville’s top branding and design agencies
  • How Lisa and Dean think about branding, design, and naming
  • The two things that helped them work together as a married couple
  • Lisa’s opinion on what it takes to be a relevant, successful designer in today’s world
  • Dean’s thoughts on how not following your passion can be equally as fulfilling
  • Their favorite places and things to do in Asheville

We hope you enjoy this episode with Lisa and Dean Peteet of Atlas Branding!

Show Notes

Atlas Branding is an Asheville-based branding and design agency. They specialize in helping food and beverage companies, restaurants, consumer product businesses, and artisans with web design, graphic design, packing design, and social media branding. Connect with them via their website, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vimeo.

A few of Atlas’s clients mentioned during the episode:

Books mentioned during the episode:
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Favorite restaurants and places to go in Asheville:


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