“I did find my life’s calling very early on in life which is coaching. I love training. I love staying physically fit. But I really don’t care about it as much as I care about my athletes.” – Zach Greenwald

In this episode, we interview Zach Greenwald, co-founder of Strength Ratio, a strength-training and Olympic weight lifting gym located in Asheville, NC.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The Strength Ratio approach and philosophy
  • How Zach started Strength Ratio (note: it’s not your average gym start-up path)
  • The inverted gym growth model he followed and how it led to their success
  • How pain and emotions are an important part of an athlete’s training
  • The single best marketing tactic that has worked for Strength Ratio
  • Why taking the time to care, talk to, and listen to your customers is crucial
  • Strength Ratio’s unique follow-up and onboarding sequence
  • Zach’s daily routine
  • Zach’s favorite things to do in Asheville

Show Notes

Strength Ratio is a team of coaches who specialize in improving health and performance through sustainable training. They coach strength sport competitors, endurance athletes, youth athletes, those who want to recover from injury, those who are new to training, and everyone in between.

They offer remote coaching to athletes all over the world and in-person coaching at their Asheville, NC gym headquarters.

Connect with them on their website, Facebook, Instagram. You can also listen to their podcast called “Strength Ratio” available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and more.

Zach’s Favorite Places to Go in Asheville

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