“If something goes wrong or a client’s not happy, there’s nobody else to blame but me. There’s no boss that can handle it, there are no other employees to take the blame. I am the only person accountable.” – Alyssa Phillips

In this podcast episode, we interview Alyssa Phillips, founder and owner of Amp’d Designs. She’s a graphic designer in Asheville specializing in logo design, branding, print design, and Squarespace web design.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Alyssa moved from Brooklyn to Asheville and what the transition was like
  • How Alyssa went from being a freelance designer to a self-employed small business owner
  • The steps Alyssa uses to guide her clients through the branding and design process
  • The value and longevity of a professional logo and design
  • Questions to ask yourself about your business when creating a new logo design
  • Networking tips for introverts
  • Tools and resources Alyssa uses to run her business every day
  • The importance of investing in your business (and all the ways Alyssa does it)
  • When to get a logo vs. when to wait
  • Alyssa’s favorite things to do in Asheville

Check out the full episode below!

Show Notes

Connect with Amp’d Designs on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Mountain Biz Works is where Alyssa took a Foundations of Business class. They offer lending and learning opportunities for small businesses in Asheville.

The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler is a book Tony mentioned during the episode. It’s a popular read for anyone looking to build better, higher-quality client relationships.

Turning Pro by Stephen Pressfield is another book we mentioned during the episode. It’s about acting professional in order to become professional.

Creative Mornings, AIGA Asheville (American Institute of Graphic Arts), Ad Club are just a few of the groups and networking events that Alyssa attends frequently.

Eversign is the software Alyssa uses for client contracts. Toggle and Asana are what she uses for tracking her time and projects. Adobe Suite is the primary tool she uses for graphic design.

Pentagram is a design studio where Alyssa draws much of her inspiration from.

The Future is a YouTube series featuring educational videos for creative entrepreneurs.

WNC Bridge Thrift Store and ReStore are two of Alyssa’s favorite thrift stores in Asheville.

Laurel River Trail is Alyssa’s go-to hiking trail in Madison County.

Stackhouse is Alyssa’s go-to pub and restaurant in Mars Hill.

The Waterbird is Alyssa’s go-to meeting spot.

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