“I had to say goodbye. It was scary, but it was very empowering to me. I wasn’t saying “F* you” to my clients, but I was saying “F* you” to fear. And I was saying “hello” and “amen” to coming into my full self and my passion.”

-Holiday Childress

For months, Holiday Childress had been eyeing an antique-style barber chair, complete with leather upholstery and an ashtray in the armrest. He knew it would cost him more money than he could afford, but he also felt deeply connected with it. It harkened back to a life-long dream, a business idea he had always felt drawn to: owning a men’s grooming service.

“With this chair, I thought to myself I need to get creative and find a good financial reason to get this.”

And with that, Holiday’s business idea started to take shape. A few years later, Holiday Grooms, a bespoke mobile men’s grooming service inspired by a world of old-school men’s tailoring, speakeasies, and barbershops, was born.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The story of how Holiday transitioned from being a hair colorist and stylist to owning his own men’s mobile grooming shop
  • How the name “Holiday Grooms” was born and the whole branding process Holiday went through
  • The tools and software Holiday uses to run his business
  • Holiday discusses the hardest business decision he had to make (removing coloring from his menu) and how saying “no” empowered him to follow his real passion
  • The importance of men having a self-care and grooming routine
  • What tools and resources you need to up your shaving game at home
  • Holiday shares his thoughts on the Asheville community, as well as a few of this favorite places to hang out at
  • And lastly, Holiday gives some wise advice for anyone trying to “make it” in Asheville

Show Notes

Holiday Grooms is an on-location wedding and special events grooming service inspired by bespoke men’s tailoring, barbershops, and speakeasies worldwide. Connect with Holiday Grooms on their Website and Instagram.

Atlas Branding is a renowned Asheville-based branding and design agency. They worked on the Holiday Grooms logo, website, and branding design.

Square is the software that Holiday uses to book client appointments and collect payments.

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith is a book that Tony mentioned during the episode while discussing the idea of change.

Crown Shaving Co. is the brand of shaving cream products that Holiday highly recommends, especially their luxurious Pre-Shave Formula.

Holiday’s Favorite Asheville places:

Music by Commonwealth Choir

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