Advice for Saying “I Do” in One of North Carolina’s Most Popular Wedding Cities

In this episode, we unpack what it was like to plan a wedding in Asheville.

A few weeks before recording this episode, we got married! And yes, we did it in Asheville. Getting ready for the big day has been a big part of our “making it in Asheville” experience. So, we wanted to take some time to share with you some thoughts, insights, and advice for saying “I do” in one of North Carolina’s most popular wedding cities.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How we went about choosing a wedding city and why we chose Asheville
  • Find out what was the very first wedding decision we made after we got engaged and how it shaped the entire planning process
  • Some of the wedding planning tools we used, plus which ones were the most helpful and why
  • The advice we’d give ourselves looking back

Show Notes

Wedding Planning Resources

  • The Knot – Great free resource for setting up a website, searching for vendors, getting an overview of what’s needed to plan a wedding, and setting up a registry
  • The Asheville Wedding Guide – Local magazine and website featuring hundreds of vendors and ideas for weddings in Asheville

Our Wedding Vendors

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